After Earning $357,157 From Publishing Short Documents Online, This Quiet Expert with 9+ years of experience Finally Breaks His Silence And Reveals ;

"How To Make $1,125 - $4,787 Every Month Publishing Books From Smartphone/Laptop Using Little Known “Ride-The-Wave” System… Without Manually Writing, Paying 30% Tax Or Running Ads"

  •  Even if you have struggled to make money online up till now.
  •  If you have NO selling skill and hate pressuring people to buy something from you before you make money.
  •  Or You have tried book publishing business but got frustrated not knowing what to publish or tired of getting your books blocked or banned.

In Fact This “Ride-The-Wave” System Is So "Fail-Proof" That 

If You Don't Make Money At all in 90 Days Following This System, I will Personally Send You $100

You are probably thinking to yourself… Is he serious right now?

YES… I am so CONFIDENT with what I'm about to share with you, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Why wont I anyways?

In the last 12 months alone, over 1,379 of my students have used this same system to earn $1,125, $2,596 and more every month…

If you would like to earn more money than you ever thought possible…

More than enough Money to spoil yourself and family in this dying Nigerian economy,

So much that your friends who laughed at your financial struggles will come back to ask what you are doing.

Then read this letter very carefully.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me

My name is Gbenga Akinwole but most people call me Hunku Fenga,

For over 9 years, I have been publishing short documents on various websites while earning thousands of dollars in book royalties every month.

Mind-blowing thing is I publish this short documents once and I get paid forever.

Sometimes I dont work for months and I still get paid at the end of the month from the work I have done before.

In Fact this same business changed my story from relocating to Lagos with only N2,500 with no back up or nothing to fall back to;


To traveling the world and living the kind of life most people only see in movies.

What's This Business Model That Has Changed My Life And That Of 1,379 Students (And Still Counting) All About?

It's a model of creating digital books and publishing them online so that you get paid Top dollars inform of royalties every single month.

The best thing about this digital Publishing model is that;

Anyone can do it irrespective if you are a student, a dropout, a corper, sit at home mom, unemployed or employed.

What Makes What I’m About To Share With You Different From Anything You Have Come Across Before

Before we get into what makes this different, lets get into what this is not.

So that you can know why what I'm about to share with you is totally in the class of its own.

  •  This is not some half baked information by some guru teaching what he or she barely knows about and never available to answer your questions.
  •  This is not about showing you incomplete information that will only tease the income possibilities but you wont be able to make the income your reality.
  •  This is not publishing only on Amazon and neglecting other places you can publish same book on and make 2x the income you will make on Amazon alone.
  •  These Are What You Will Get From What I Am About to Share With You;
  •  What has been working for me in my 9 long years of doing this business without getting blocked or banned.
  • Being able to publish profit pulling books that most online gurus have told you to stay away from e.g Summary Books
  • Being able to know precisely the types of books that will grow your royalties fast without having to publish thousands of books before you start seeing thousands in royalties.

This is revealing the “right information” that will provide answers to all the burning questions you might have.

A New and Quick Way of Earning Thousands Of Dollars Every Month Publishing Digital Books Without Getting Blocked or Banned Using A Proven System I call; Ride-The-Wave System

Now before I tell you all about this Ride-the-wave system

The big question is

Why Did I Decide to Share This Brand New System Now?

Back in 2018, After pressure from my close friends who saw what I was doing with digital book publishing,

I was encouraged to share my secrets with Nigerians,

I decided to come out of my hiding and teach my first set of students how to publish books online..

It was a huge success

In Fact, Two of my best students were a Couple from Lagos.

Mr Akinbo; who had just lost his banking job then started Publishing and when the wife saw how much her husband was making (about $1k-$1.5K monthly)...

She quit her stressful job (which requires her to travel from mainland to the island Mon-Fri) to join the husband and their income rose to over $5,000 every month.

They went on to buy themselves cars and built two houses (one they live in now and the other rented out) in Magodo Area in Lagos which we jokingly call the "Book House".

Now their 3 kids have also joined them in the business.

The first son who just finished from medical school already makes over $1000 and totally unemployable.

Because come to think of it; which hospital will pay a fresh graduate over N700,000 every month?

And Here Are Some Other Testimonials From My Old Training From 2018.

But After That, I Went Silent Again And Didn't Teach Anyone About Publishing Full Content Books.

I focused mainly on low content books.

Until my buddy; Toyin Omotoso encouraged me to get serious with twitter and grow my online following.

I was reluctant because I never really liked the idea of being in the faces of a lot of people.

I like my privacy.

But after a while, I gave in and finally decided to take Twitter serious.

And just like Toyin had predicted, My tweets and threads started going viral one after the other.

Even though my follower count was less than 700 when I started, I started getting massive engagements on my tweets.

In 5 weeks I got 2000+ new organic followers because of the value I was sharing.

And even though I didn't really want so much attention on me..

People started flocking to my account and flooding my DM with messages about their Publishing business

After Receiving 100s of Twitter DMs Asking About Amazon KDP, Then I Realized Something Very Profound.


There were different challenges holding people back from making money from their Publishing business..

Despite buying some courses which instead of making the business easy for them, left the students more confused with a lot of questions unanswered.

In fact I asked my twitter followers at one point what was holding them back from making money from digital publishing, Amazon kDP;

These Are Some of The Replies I Received On The Twitter Post.

I realized a lot of people who were doing or yet to do Amazon KDP publishing were really struggling with;

  •  Wrong/incomplete information,
  •  Publishing and not making any sales,
  •  Account restrictions, bans and blocked books
  •  Complicated research method that confuses people
  •  Book Creation Strategy that was getting their account banned.

I was able to summarize all these above challenge into one sentence.


Below is an example of what Im talking about, even though he got a training course, he was still facing challenge publishing his books.

Until he slid into my Twitter DM to ask for my help, 

I obliged and well, you can see for yourself in the image above; What I told him worked and his publishing problem was solved.

In fact that is exactly what my DMs looks like on a daily basis.

The truth is Amazon KDP or the digital Publishing business in general is ever-evolving,

So if you don't follow who has his finger on the pulse of the business with huge experience in knowing what to do and not to do,

You'll be left frustrated…

Either from not making money or so little despite so much effort invested, getting your books blocked, or losing your entire publishing account.

And the only way to avoid that is to listen to someone who knows the ins and outs of the game and following that person's instructions.

Follow Who Know Road!

From my little time sharing Free Tips About Amazon and Digital Publishing Business On Twitter trying to help,

It was obvious, lots of people are lost and they needed the kind of tips, advice, and tricks I was sharing.

It felt like my tweets were a sign of fresh air for people who were frustrated with so many questions unanswered

And "new hope" for people who were interested but didn't know how to start.

Here Are Some Feedbacks On My Posts On Twitter

Here is one thing you need to know about Amazon KDP or digital publishing in general.

Ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to this kind of business.

In Fact the moment you break rules even though you are not aware of it, You would face serious consequences.

Like the people below.

The messages and ''cry for help'' in my inbox were so much I couldn't turn deaf ears.

I was getting bombarded with messages from people who wanted to learn from me;

People who were stuck and didn't know what to do to get results.

People who wanted to get into publishing business but didn't know where to start.

People who had bought some courses online but are confused on what to do because of outdated or incomplete information.

So I sat down and thought to Myself;

How Can I Solve The Problems Old Publishers Face And Also Help Newbies Go Straight to Making Money Without Wasting Time...Once And For All?

After days of thinking deeply to see the best way to I can teach this business to even a complete newbie who hasn't done the business before.

And still, guarantee that the newbie starts making money in less than 90days.

Or Make it easy for people who are already publishing but are facing different challenges.

I decided to put the advantage of publishing for over 9 years and having hundreds of successful students to work,

I went back into my accounts and that of my most successful student who shared their success secrets with me to see what was moving the needle for us.

The exact types of strategy and system that was producing our dollar spitting books Fast.

And after weeks of combing through different successful accounts producing over $5000 to $10,000 every month on the average,

I was able to identify a success pattern.

A Success Pattern That Guarantees You Start Making Money With Ease In 90 Days or Less From Publishing On Amazon And Other Websites Without Breaking Any Rules.

And that's when I decided to create a closed community where I will be sharing my experience, up to date information with everyone who gets access to the community.

More About that later.

Then also invent the Ride-The-Wave System

So what do I mean by Ride-The-Wave System?

I thought you’d ask.

Let me explain it using a simple practice by people that surf the oceans.

I know we don't have them in Nigeria, but I guess you have probably seen them in Hollywood movies.

So here it is;

When these guys go down to the ocean,

They don't just hop on their surfing board and start surfing the ocean,

What they do is to wait for a WAVE.

And not just any kind of small wave that doesn't have any pull.

If they hop on those ones, it would take them nowhere,


They wait for the HUGE waves

And ONLY then would they hop on their Surf-board and hit the ocean.

And that's exactly what my Ride-the-wave system is based on…

So how does that relate to making  money from Book publishing you might wonder.

You see instead of just rushing to publish lot of books with rubbish contents and under the wrong niches,

That is not guaranteed to make you money,

You only publish at the right time on the right topics which will help you expend less energy while making more money.

Giving you enough time to enjoy your dollar whatever way you deem fit.

But There Was ONLY One Problem; I Had Limited Time

I do not have the strength nor the time to teach and attend to everyone who messaged me to help them one by one.

Even though I tried to help the few I could,

But I have other businesses to run including my own Publishing business and also my loving family to give my time to.

And for people who know me well; they know  ''I no dey like stress''

Heck, That's why Toyin Omotoso even nicknamed me ''Lazy Guru''

But I couldn't push away all the people coming to me for help,

Here Are Just A Few People In My DM Asking To Become My Student Or Get Access To My Private Community

I would feel bad about leaving them to continue to struggle because I was once in the same shoes looking for what works. 

Even though I had to learn a lot by trial and error before knowing what works in the space of 9years that I have been doing Amazon Kindle And Digital publishing.

The truth is the people asking for my help were not only newbies who just want to make money online,

  • Some of them had published a lot of books with no results and they are coming to me for help!
  • Some had gotten their account banned or books blocked too many times they are frustrated!
  • Some were just generally confused about how to start!

And the truth is even though I want to help everyone. I still have limitation of time.

Plus I felt reluctant to share all the secrets that took me over 9 years of dedication of time and money to discover for Absolutely free.

In fact, I know some people will not appreciate it because it is free.

And I’ll rather share my top secrets with people who will place value on the information I will be sharing.

And so I decided to put together something that will help anyone who wants to make money from Digital Book Publishing.

Or people who were tired of struggling, finding answers and not getting them.

(Both New, intermediate and advanced publisher)

A Training And A Private Community For Anyone Who Wants To Make Thousands Of Dollars From Digital Publishing Without Getting Book Blocked Or Account Banned

With only one Goal in mind;

Helping ANYONE who got access to this training make life changing Money in top dollars from publishing business very FAST in as little as 90days

It's like a ''cheat code'' that would allow you to come LATE and still stay at the front of the queue.

Because the ONLY way to hit it big in as little as 90 days is to LEGALLY rig the system to your advantage.

And A Paid Community where everyone can get access to me my other students making a killing from digital publishing business.

Introducing… 90Days Digital Publishing Dollarnaire Plus Dollarnaire Community.

The Legal ''Rigging'' System for Making $1,125-$4,787 Every Single Month Lightning Fast Using Little Known "Ride-The-Wave System

Here Are Some Of The Things You'll Discover Inside...

Prep Module

"Account Creation And Getting Set Right"

How Seasoned Digital Book Publisher Set Up Their Business From Scratch To Protect Their Earnings.

  •  My Exact $0-$1000 roadmap (following this is guaranteed to get you to the promise land)
  •  Simple method used to register on 2 hardly talked about publishing websites you can aside from Amazon. (This will help you 2x your income while still publishing exam number of books)
  •  3 different ways to receive your royalty right here in Nigeria even though you have never seen raw dollar before.
  •  My easy method to properly fill in your ''KYC'' info( If you don't do this properly, your money would be ''visual'' money -You can see it but you can't withdraw it)
  •  Simple Hack to avoid paying the 30% tax that ALL Nigerians doing this business pay to the online publishing websites.

Module 1

"Research Like A Pro Secret"

How to Get Highly PROFITABLE Keywords And Topics That Sell Your Books In Thousands

You see, the primary aim of creating your books is to get them to sell continuously for a LONG time(I still receive sales from a chicken recipe cookbook I published in 2013)

Without spending money to run any advert.

And that's ONLY possible through the use of SPECIFIC type of topics and keywords

This is why I invented the Ride-The-Wave System of research so that you can easily sniff out gaps in the book market to create books and start making money quickly.

Under this module, you will learn;

  •  3 Ride-The-Wave strategies that even beginners can use to grow their account lightning fast.
  • The ''back to back'' hit method that top 1% publishers use to make thousands of dollars from EVERY single book they publish (this is the first time I'm revealing this)
  •  4 type of books you can create that is guaranteed to explode your bank account(the 3rd one is so unbelievable that 99% of publishers ignore it or don't know about it)
  •  The #1 type of book you should not WASTE your time Publishing
  •  Why you should avoid using the ''Spray and Pray'' strategy that 99% of publishers use and what to do instead.(Only the top 1% of publishers know this and that's why they clear 99% of the money)
  • The ''Commot for JJC'' research method I use to start earning dollars IMMEDIATELY I open a new Publishing account(I hate seeing my balance at $0.00, so whenever I open a new account I use this method to rake in some dollars fast)

Module 2

"Professional Content Creation Secret"

How To Create Content Readers With Love Without Manually Writing Every single word

  •  3 little-known methods to create best-selling book content everyday even if you can't write a single correct sentence.

  • The ''lazy man'' book creation strategy to create books without writing them using both FREE and paid tools that I'll show you.
  • How to get Bestselling Authors to give you what to write in your books
  • How to make all your book content what publishing websites require from you.
  • My Plagiarism Elimination hack for getting your book accepted and loved by Amazon book approval team without having any issues.
  • A secret ''backdoor'' I use to access paid tools that help me pump out profitable book content fast without completely PAYING for them (Even some people with money can't get access to these tools)
  • How to create scroll-stopping book titles And Subtitles (There are millions of books on these platforms. So when buyers are scrolling through the library, your title is what stops them and gets them to notice your book)
  • Easy Method of creating great content from your mobile phone without facing any issue.
  • How to get the customers of Best Selling Authors to buy from YOU instead of THEM Using The Summary method (it's legal if you follow exactly what I tell you)

Here is the truth about Summary Books;  Summary books pumps out money like a broken tap and that's why a lot of people want to know how to go about it without getting banned.

In fact, one dude reached out to me at on twitter about the issues he was facing with summary books which he learned somewhere else.

And after a few pointers I gave to him, He came back with testimony.

I realized everyone who has come to me with one issue or the other related to summary book publishing has not been properly equipped with the right or complete information about publishing summary books.

And that's why their accounts get copyright strikes or banned which is a major issue in the publishing business.

This is why I will be showing you how to pull out thousands of dollar every month with summary books following my exact instructions without getting blocked books or an account banned.

  • How to get ''ready-made'' content from this secret OG websites (Just grab it, make some edit and publish as your own original content)
  • The bull's-eye method for publishing Low CONTENT books that are guaranteed to sell (No content books have very fierce competition.. the only way to sell them is by following the simple hack I will reveal to you. (this isn't notebook or coloring books)
  •  How to publish summary books without getting your books blocked or account banned.

Module 3

"Bestselling Book Cover Creation Secret"

How to Create Beautiful and Stunning Book Covers That Will Stop Readers From Scrolling Away From Your Books and Click The Orange Buy Now Button

As much as I would like to say otherwise

The fact is…

Your Book Cover has to be VERY beautiful and attractive.

Now you may have heard the phrase

''Do not Judge a book by it's Cover''

But in this line of business, EVERYBODY judges books by their covers

There are thousands of books selling on these platforms

And after your book title has caught their attention, the first thing they check is the book cover

Also your book cover goes through certain mental test in just few seconds..

If you book fails that mental test, They'll skip your book and go to the next..

Because it would look like the work of an amateur publisher.

And so I'll give you a secret hack for creating stunning book covers that buyers would fall in love with

  • My secret research methods for creating best-selling books fast (if this is the only thing you learn in this program then 75% of your book publishing is solved).
  • My anti-book cover rejection method for getting your books approved lightening fast.
  • How to create great book covers that will never get your account banned.
  • One color that you should NEVER use as your book cover background.
  • How to get the correct book dimension for any type of book you create.
  • How to pick the perfect author name (If you publish the best books and Oyinbos do not like your name then NO sales for you). 
  • Little know hacks I use to design stunning book covers from my mobile phone when I'm on the move.

Module 4

"Publish With Confidence"

How to publish your book without having the fear of blocked books, copyright strike, trademark infringement or account ban

  • Secret websites that you can upload your books to apart from Amazon(Uploading your books on them would definitely 2X your earnings)
  • The ''IP break out'' technique for convincing some of the secret websites that have banned ALL Nigerians to accept you(The few Nigerians that know these sites have been kicked out)
  • My perfect method for getting your books in the right money-spitting category for more sales and better exposure (Uploading your books in the wrong category is like trying to sell Shakespeare Novels to medical students - IMPOSSIBLE)
  • How to write a kickass book description in minutes that will convince readers to buy your book while you are sleeping.
  • My perfect book pricing technique (if you set it too high or too low, it won't sell… you have to pick the perfect price)
  • Simple way to publish your digital books from your phone even if you sleep on your bed all day.

Module 5

"Account Protection Hack"

How To Avoid Been Served Breakfast By Publishing Websites like Amazon

If this is your first time, you are lucky because you will know what to do to avoid being served cold breakfast by Amazon (A.K.A Losing your account)

So I prepared this extra module to show you exactly what to do to protect and safeguard your account from ban.

  • Checklist of what you should NEVER do if you don't want to lose your Publishing account and all the money in it(I have used this to maintain my account for 10 years now)
  • What to do when you receive a temporarily closed account and how to re-open it.

Will That Be All You Will Get Once You Lay Your Hands On 90Day Digital Publishing Dollarnaire Training?

Far from it,

Because I want to bribe you silly you will wonder what you have done to deserve this much life changing information in one place at such a giveaway.

Remember I said either, its very important to be up to date with information about digital publishing and Amazon Kindle Platform.

This is why most people struggle or get their account banned,

And I feel just releasing a training will not solve this challenge,

Because in the past, I've had students chat me up and say;

Hunku Fenga, I encountered a problem trying to do X, and when I check,

It's because of a change of RULE, Kindle and other publishing platforms rules change CONSTANTLY

And if you don't keep up with it

You might get your account banned because you didn't know.

Remember "Ignorance is not an excuse''

Aside from rules updates,

You also need to be up to date with strategies and what's working.

And that's why I decided to create the "Dollarnaire Private Community"

Where I would be dropping; 

  • Regular rule updates
  • New strategies that is currently working
  • Book reviews and book breakdowns (this is will help you understand my thought process when creating a bestselling book).
  • Question and Answer Sessions to help everyone improve

And also I would answer ANY questions you come up with either after you go through the program or during Publishing.

And so the next question on your mind is

What Do You Have To Invest To Gain Access To 90Day Digital Publishing Dollarnaire Training Plus The Close Community?

I'll tell you in a moment

But first I have some tantalizing bonus that would help you speed up your publishing business and get you to $1,000/month very fast.



Publishing would be a lot easier if you can have a checklist to follow every time you want to do anything in your digital publishing business.

So as to avoid any mistake or not omit any important step in the process  which might cause you being saved breakfast,

I created these special checklist bundle that can easily direct you on what to do and not to do every step of the way in your publishing business.

Summary Book Publishing Checklist

This checklist shares with you what you need to put in place to successfully publish summary books without any issue.  A checklist of what to do and what to avoid to keep your account safe.

Bestseller Book Checklist

There is a secret to creating bestselling books from the book title, the cover to the interior, this checklist will list of one after the other things you must do or not do to create a book that has all the potential to sell lots of copies and put money in your account.

Ban-proof Your Publishing Account Checklist

A lot of people lose their Amazon account because they don't know what's required from them, this checklist will help. Checklist of what you should NEVER do if you don't want to lose your Publishing account and all the money in it (I have used this to maintain one of my accounts for 10 years now).

Money In The Bank Keyword Checklist

The important of this checklist cannot be over-emphasized because just laying your hands on this has put your ahead people who started doing this business before you. 

This checklist was created to guide you on how to pick keywords that are sure to produce dollars in your account

Amazon Back-Up Account Checklist

We have heard a lot of people lose their account to one reason or the other, this is why you need this checklist for back up.

This checklist reveals how to successful have a back up account without having issues with publishing platforms.

If I am to place a real value on this checklist, I will price each checklist at nothing less than N20,000, totaling to N100,000 For The checklist bundle.

But if you act today you will get it for FREE as a special bonus for being an action taker.

Don't Sweat It, You Wont Need To Break A Bank To Get Instant Access

The truth is I could have charge high and let just few people be able to get access to this course, private community  and the special bonuses,

After all, people have paid more 150k to 300k just to get access to same information you will be getting from this new training and private Community.

But my motivation for doing this is to help people start getting results without getting banned or wasting their time doing what doesn't work.

This is why I decided to make what you will need to invest to get access to over 9years of experience packed together into a training, closed community and my exclusives bonuses accessible to anyone.

So that even a average Nigerian will not say its out of his/her reach.

But this low price which you will be able to get access for today can be gone anytime. 

If you drop every excuses you might have today,

You will be able to get access to 90 Digital Publishing Dollarnaire Training, The Close Community and the special bonuses for only for a starter's Low price of;


Look at the investment into this Training from this angle.

Even in the worse case scenario

If all you made in 90 days was a measly $200

It's already 7X your investment into this brand new program.

And I can proudly beat my chest and say

With the strategies you will be getting access to,

Earning Money is GUARANTEED

And that's why I'm not afraid to put my money where my mouth is with:


Fully Protected by My 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.


If you try out all the information and implement what's inside 90Day Digital Publishing Dollarnaire training and you don't make any money in your first 90days.

I would personally hand over to you $100 and an apology note for wasting your time.

Though I'm sure the chance of this happening is slim to none.

If you are serious with getting started, by now you should be happy you have nothing to worry about because I have taken every risk off your shoulders and given you my word!.

Beyond that I have put my money where my mouth is by backing this program up with a make money or I give you $100 guarantee.

What's left is if you will be willing to take the bold step that is required for your next level or you will chicken out.

But I know you are smart and will make the right decision that is guaranteed to lead to your financial freedom and independence when you access 90Day Digital Publishing Dollarnaire Training today.

Time Is Of The Essence!

If you have paid attention to everything I said on this page since, you will realize I'm letting you get access at the low price of N20,000 because I don't want you to have any reason not to TAKE ACTION TODAY.

But if you are still on the fence, you might come back to this page and see that the price has revert to N40,000 which is the price I intended at first.

And if you delay and come back later to see the increase price, you can't say Hunku Fenga did you dirty.

So the ball is in your court; Wait till the price goes up.

Or Act today and get access to 90Day Digital Publishing Dollarnaire Training And The Dollarnaire Closed Community.

My guess is you will prefer the later.

Click the button below now


"I was so happy to share my story when Mr. Gbenga told me he was launching a new program. The first time I met him, he ordered for my ride and we got talking. I discovered I had seen him online before and I knew it was my lucky day seeing him in person. I begged him to show me the way even though I had to save for months to pay. I never regretted that day because he turned my life around."

Abah Sunday 

Digital Publisher.


“I have been buying different trainings for years that I didn't make a penny from. Before I came across Mr Gbenga Akinwole, I had told myself it will be my last time because my husband was already complaining. But when I came across Hunku Fenga, he seemed genuine and even picked my call by himself when I called. His method of training made things very easy to understand and he was patient with me. For the first time since I have been trying to make money online, I earned my first $200 just months that I started publishing books online. I was over happy. Thanks Uncle Gbenga.”

Mrs. Okiki Enitan

Digital Publisher.

Yours Sincerely,

Gbenga "Hunku Fenga" Akinwole

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Be Done With My Phone If I Don't Have A Laptop?

Yes you can, this program was created with people who don't have a laptop in mind so we have videos that will explain how to do the business from your smart phone. 

Whether it's an iphone or an Android, It would work perfectly well


Can I Make Money Even If I'm Not Good At Writing

If you have read this letter to this point then you can make money from this business model… I have published over 200s of books that I did not manually write, you will be taught how to do it too… So yes you can.


Will You Be Available To Answer My Questions?

Ofcourse, thats the essence of this whole program, its not just a video training program but access to a closed community where I will be sharing everything working for me with you and you can also ask me questions.

Also you will also get access to me directly to ask me questions.

What If I'm A Busy Person? Can I Do It Part Time?

Yes, you can. I run several successful businesses apart from my Publishing business and I still receive thousands of dollars every month from these Publishing platforms.

You just need to plan well and you will find it easy to do on your free time.


Do I Need To Spend Extra Money After Buying This Training?

I created the course so that anyone can start without spending extra money but there are also options if you prefer to spend extra money too.

How Long Will It Take Me To Start Making Money?

When I decided to create this program, I had just one thing in mind;
''Give you exact information that would help you make dollars VERY FAST in 90 days or less''.

So in 90days or less if you follow and implement what's inside the training, you will make money.


When Are You Going To Raise The Price of This Program?

I am not going to try to ''trick'' you into buying the program by saying I would increase the price by this night or tomorrow morning.

I believe you are old enough to make your own choices and whichever choice you make is okay..

However I also reserve the right to INCREASE the price to N40,000 or more ANYTIME I choose with announcing it (won't take more than a few minute to edit it on the site).

Or even shut-down the program if I see that the number of students I've gotten is more than my ''stress meter'' can cope with.

It's Your call

© 2022 Gbenga "Hunku Fenga" Akinwole . All rights Reserved

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